Hi Everybody, The Hogsback Brewing Company is temporarily closed. Sorry about that. But we have important news! We’re moving to a new establishment – which in all likely hood is gonna rock your world. Your favourite local pint will be pouring again in March. We’ll let you know when the big day arrives.


Amber is petrified resin often containing mosquitos. Ours is a quaffable session ale. Good with breakfast, suitable with lunch, 100% improves sunsets and can be drunk in the dark. Using a classic hopbination of Summit and Cascade hops, our Amber ale offers a solid malt backbone, shades of grapefruit and a refreshing bitterness.


All that glitters is not gold but beer, Gaika was a legendary Xhosa king and his name marks the highest peak in Hogsback. Using a wild combination of Columbus, Mosaic and Motueka hops, first comes a crisp bitterness, a smidgen of malt flavour, followed by a soft citrus orange finish. Goes well with life and everything it throws at you.


IPA, India – a country, Pale – not Barry White, Ale – a water substitute that keeps you safe. Ours is a hoppy, not stupidly bitter refreshing citrus bomb that goes well with friends and hot summer days. Using Alchemy, Citra and Cascade hops, HBC’s IPA offers a super quaffable ale with hints of malt, bursts of bitterness and refreshing citrus flavours.